Subscriber Analytix

Designed to help telecom operators get relevant, 360 degree insights across their entire subscriber population  

Understand subscribers' behaviors across all services ( Browsing, Streaming, VoIP, Messaging and others)


Optimize QoS to improve Customer Care

Lift marketing campaign effectiveness with advanced profiles

Optimize product and offer launches

Monetize data through new revenue streams


Location Intelligence

Harnessing the power of mobile location data and the scalability of Inovvo's analytics platform to deliver actionable intelligence that serve use cases across several verticals

Empowers federal and local government agencies to understand the impact of natural disasters and better plan recovery and support efforts

Gives brick and mortar retailers a comprehensive view of footfall traffic at their retail stores

Allows telecom operators to capture lost revenue from subscribers roaming internationally

Allows telecom operators improve their churn rates by improving their customer winback marketing campaigns

Inovvo Retail Analytics

Web Classification

Industry-leading web URL categorization database translating web domains and URLs into categories and sub-categories enabling a wide range of use cases 

Built using Machine Learning technologies

Provides worldwide coverage and supports multiple languages

Granular categorization and classification of full URLs including domain, sub-domain and full path

Rigorous and structured classification approach ensuring consistency 

Custom classification services for even greater depth and coverage

categories 3.png