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Telecom Subscriber Analytics

Inovvo's platform was selected by wireless carriers worldwide  as a go-to solution to derive actionable intelligence from the terabytes of data generated daily in their networks

Data Interfaces

Tens of data interfaces integrated


Billions of data events ingested daily


Historical data kept for months


Interactive analytics delivered via several channels

Modular Analytics


360-Degree Insights

Designed to offer telecom mobile operators relevant, 360 degree insights across their entire subscriber population

Understand subscribers' behavior across all services (Browsing, Streaming, VoIP, Messaging and others)

Optimize QoS to improve Customer Care

Lift marketing campaign effectiveness with advanced profiles

Optimize product and offer launches

Monetize data through new revenue streams 


Robust Architecture


Highly Scalable

Fault Tolerant

Cloud Based

Low Cost

Inovvo's analytics platform is highly adaptable to ingest your data and produce rich suite of analytics

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