Tier 1 Australian Operator Selects Inovvo for Marketing Data Enrichment


Reston, VA. – July 18, 2017 – Inovvo, a leader in wireless network analytics for the telecommunications sector, announced that it has been selected by a tier-one wireless operator in Australia for its Subscriber Analytix Components.

Inovvo was selected for its expertise in providing marketing intelligence in a componentized form, allowing the tier-one operator to integrate Inovvo’s data enrichment capabilities into existing analytics infrastructures.

Inovvo’s Subscriber Analytix Components provide data enrichment that provides network operators with a better understanding of subscriber behavior and experience to enhance operator services and identify new opportunities for data monetization.

The components are designed for operators that have their own analytics infrastructure and are looking to enrich network and traffic data streams with indicators and intelligence that feed campaign management platforms, next-best-action platforms, CRM systems, data management platforms, customer care portals, self-service portals, and other data monetization systems and use cases.

“Subscriber Analytix Components allow wireless operators to embed industry leading digital dictionaries, methodologies and expertise into existing processes and infrastructure to accelerate and simplify their digital transformation strategy” said Ronald Cho, Vice President at Inovvo. “We are excited to be collaborating with operators worldwide; adapting their digital data assets to optimize business processes, develop enhanced capabilities and identify new business models.”

About Inovvo
Inovvo, a leader in wireless network analytics, answers the challenges that operators face today from marketing and customer care to network planning.  Inovvo improves operator interactions with their subscribers and enhances customer experience by providing on an individual basis detailed analytics and deep insights into behaviors, interests, usage, and network performance. Empowered with the information, Inovvo gives its clients the means to create a personalized subscriber experience resulting in minimized churn, improved ARPU margin and increased loyalty.