UMTS & LTE micro location data

Precise location insights

Inovvo is a leader in Telco Big Data analytics. With UMTS and LTE micro location data, we are able to help Telco operators open new data monetization opportunities with their enterprise customers, retailers, advertisers, tourism actors and others.

Deploy sensors operating on your network to gain precise location information – down to a meter!

Micro location sensors have been designed specifically to unlock the full value of micro-proximity data.
We are providing operators with new technologies that add proximity insights to their network macro location subscriber data giving the capability to bridge digital, outdoor and in-store experiences.

What is the difference with Wifi and Bluetooth beacon technologies?

The sensor is the size of a small access point, installed in a store or location where your partners (retailers and others) would like to enable micro location analytics.
It is provisioned on the wireless network – and mobile phone users that come within range of the sensor would get identified without having the Wifi or Bluetooth turned on

  • Accurate

  • Precise

  • Fast and simple to deploy

  • Secure and privacy compliant

  • “Always On” location identification

Leverage the most accurate micro location data solution


Customer detected by

  • Not necessarily turned on
  • MAC address randomization makes it impossible to establish accurate count
  • Has privacy constraints – users cannot opt out



Customer detected by

  • Mobile App required
  • Detection requires consumers to interact with the installed App
  • Requires constant Batteries’ replacements
  • Very limited data enrichment opportunity