Subscriber Analytix provides the platform for understanding the consumer experience and behavior by fusing, filtering, organizing and providing out of the box insights from enterprise level data.  Subscriber Analytix amplifies the value of other tools by adding new dimensions, digital categorization and segmentation, helping to find hidden value in existing data.  Subscriber Analytix can drive incremental revenue and decrease costs for Global Mobile Operators.

INOVVO’s primary product portfolio consists of solutions for Marketing, Care, Network, Capacity Planning and the Platform, providing wireless operators with big data.  

“INOVVO Helps Clients Understand and Create Value For Mobile Operators.”

Subscriber Analytix Marketing ingests billions of records and applies digital data enrichment via INOVVO assets to generate exclusive marketing intelligence.

Subscriber Analytix Care gives front-line Care teams timely access to root cause analysis of data QoS to quickly recognize, resolve and prevent future subscriber issues. 

Subscriber Analytix Network drives improvement to network performance by connecting individual subscriber impact to network and service issues. 

Subscriber Analytix Capacity Planning automatically collects historical network usage data to instantly forecast future demand across network elements, allowing planners and engineers to proactively prepare for enterprise network growth.

Subscriber Analytix Platform implements a smart ingestion and analytical engine that enriches data as it is streaming into the platform, allowing storage and analysis of essential, optimized and meaningful data.