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Inovvo Releases SAx Marketing in the Cloud and Free 30-Day Trial


Inovvo releases SAx Marketing in the Cloud and free 30-day trial. Hosted version of Inovvo’s powerful analytics tool helps wireless operators effectively manage their customer base and deliver targeted marketing campaigns.

Reston, VA. – Dec. 13, 2016 – Inovvo, a demonstrated leader in wireless network and subscriber analytics for the telecommunications sector, today announced that its Subscriber Analytix Marketing (SAx Marketing) can now be delivered in the cloud and is available for trial.

SAx Marketing is a powerful analytics solution that provides operators with valuable insights from their subscriber usage patterns and network traffic data to enrich marketing campaign effectiveness and lift return on investment. The new cloud delivery model is designed to retain the best of the SAx Marketing features with the fastest time to market and lower costs.

Operators can benefit immediately from the cloud version of SAx Marketing because there is no need to acquire and configure hardware and software. All customer data is rendered secure and anonymous, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is stored in the cloud.

For customers interested in learning more, Inovvo is offering a no-cost trial based on a limited, one-month traffic data set. More information about the trial can be found here:

The benefits of using Inovvo’s SAx Marketing in the Cloud solution include:

  • Secure by design: The private cloud environment is designed to manage complex data while maintaining security and privacy. Regular audits verify adherence to privacy practices, applicable laws, and industry standards.
  • Immediate ROI: Immediately benefit from the solution with no hardware or software infrastructure set-up or costs.
  • Product Updates: Users will benefit from the latest product features without any of the software maintenance.
  • Services & Support: Around the clock support keeps applications running, while training and consulting services help customers onboard easily, adopt best practices, and integrate insights into their business workflows.

SAx Marketing leverages network information, subscriber history, demographics, device and location information to build advanced profiles and segmentations that aim at boosting marketing ROI. The solution provides a 360 degree view into data, voice and SMS consumption, preferred applications and websites, interest categories, call, SMS and roaming patterns per subscriber, offer, device or localities.

SAx Marketing offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Analyze 4G adoption, upsell to 4G candidates and adjust network upgrades on potentials
  • Retain subscribers that may be considering switching carriers
  • Boost roaming consumption
  • Suggest data packages to heavy data users
  • Recommend device upgrades
  • Profile customer base and detect niches through micro-segmentation that combines subscriber history with engagement per service and apps
  • Understand usage evolution and design near real-time bundles accordingly

“Until now, operators have accepted that customer data analysis can be a slow process, involving multiple internal stakeholders,” said Joseph Khalil, Inovvo President and CEO. “With SAx Marketing in the Cloud, operators can analyze subscriber data in real-time, launch marketing campaigns within minutes and see an immediate impact on revenue.”

Visit for more information or ask for demo on SAx Marketing in the Cloud.

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Inovvo, a leader in wireless network analytics, answers the challenges that operators face today in marketing, customer care and network planning.  Inovvo improves operator interactions with their subscribers and enhances customer experience by providing on an individual basis detailed analytics and deep insights into behaviors, interests, usage, and network performance. Empowered with the information, Inovvo gives its clients the means to create a personalized subscriber experience resulting in minimized churn, improved ARPU margin and increased loyalty.

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