SAx Marketing: Analytics designed for marketing

Enrich segmentations, lift campaign effectiveness, optimize offers, & monetize data

Connect with your subscribers’ preferences, provide them quality products and services & grow revenue

SAx Marketing provides a 360º view into data, voice and SMS consumption: preferred applications and websites, interest categories, call and SMS patterns, devices used, location and even roaming usage.

Use these key assets to design near-real time bundles according to usages and price sensitivity of each subscriber segment. Develop OTT partnerships within your offers according to customers’ engagement with these services. Optimize product launches.

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Create advanced segments that combine subscriber history with granular behaviors

Leverage subscriber history, demographics, device, and network information to build advanced profiles and segmentations. Create and save each segment in just a few clicks.

Deepen differentiating behaviors between subscribers’ clusters. Follow usages trends, device and subscription lifecycles, and user movements. Dynamically adjust segmentations to anticipate user preferences & expectations. Easily integrate & connect with marketing clouds and DMPs.

Target subscribers & lift campaign effectiveness

Our profiling insights boost up-sell and cross-sell campaign conversion rates. Export subscriber-level segment data for ingest into your campaign management tool, define campaign candidates such as the right proposition for this target, with the right timing and the right channel.

Store these targeted users as a segment in SAx, and track campaign conversion impacts on usage, subscriptions and devices used.

target campaigns
reduce customer churn

Strengthen Loyalty & Retention, identify and target high risk and high value subscribers

Leverage subscribers’ profile information and churn prediction to prioritize retention activities. Focus on high value and high-risk subscribers, understand their needs and preferences, customize your propositions, optimize timing and communication channel.

Better anticipate subscriber concerns. Prevent bill-shock. Ensure a seamless and personalized global experience that boosts loyalty and advocacy.

Monetize your data

SAx Marketing provides the analytics platform required to develop data monetization strategies and maximize your data monetization efforts. SAx enriches, models, and anonymizes the underlying data to get the best insights from subscriber advanced profiles, location and movement.

SAx provides the tools required to enable data monetization opportunities in domains such as Geo-marketing, highly targeted advertising, retail network optimization, public transportation, urban planning, tourism, and others.

increased return on investment

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