SAx Lite: Subscriber Analytix at a glance

Subscription-based reports offering subscriber analytics essentials

Benefit from the essentials of SAx CEM, SAx Marketing and SAx Care insights

Get relevant, 360-degree insights across your entire subscriber population to monitor usage & consumption trends of your user base. Understand behavioral patterns per subscriber profile. Offer subscribed, tenure, and subscriber value. See users’ preferences for each device used, by location. Understand roaming usage.

Analyze adoption per service type (Browsing, Streaming, VoIP, Instant Messaging and others), per interest category (Retail, Entertainment, Social Media, etc.) and provider.

Benefit from QoS metrics to help analyze & optimize the end-to end customer experience.

360º customer insight analytics
faster customer analytics creation

A fast and cost effective introduction to analytics

SAx Lite insights are delivered to your inbox each month, with no need for costly hardware purchases or lengthy implementation timelines.

Get network-wide insights in days with minimal up-front effort.

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Customer experience management solution that empowers marketing, care and network teams

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  • Enrich segmentations with subscribers’ behavioral patterns
  • Lift campaign effectiveness with advanced profiles
  • Optimize product and offer launches
  • Monetize data through new revenue streams

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Analytics to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines

  • Instant subscriber QoS and usage insights
  • Specifically designed for care agents

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