SAx CEM: 360° view of your subscribers

Understand your subscribers. Boost their satisfaction. Monetize their experience.


Strengthen your relationship with customers at every touchpoint

Use our customer experience management solution to get relevant insights and ensure customers receive the best experience throughout their customer journey.

  • Better engage for natural conversion, bring value to your customers, while lifting your marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Offer a seamless and personalized experience that boosts loyalty and advocacy.
  • Go beyond Customer Services, improve satisfaction and reduce resolution timeline.
better customer relations from relevant analtyics
integrated customer experience monitoring

Empowers marketing, care and network teams to create an end-to-end customer experience strategy

Build your customer experience monitoring and management on actual customer information and feedback: get real-time insights on your customers’ needs, preferences, complaints, and 360 behaviors using data, voice and SMS services.

Listen to the customer voice. Use a customer–centric mindset for all your business decisions – from product definition, to customer base management, to network optimization & development.

See how SAx CEM addresses your business needs


SAx CEM brings together SAx Care and SAx Marketing advantages

Care insights and analytics designed to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines. Strengthen loyalty & retention and improve operations efficiency

SAx Care

Marketing analytics, designed for marketing activities: segmentation optimization, targeted campaigns, portfolio management and data monetization.

SAx Marketing

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SAx Lite

Subscriber Analytix at a glance

  • Subscription-based reports offering subscriber analytics essentials.
  • Cost effective introduction to analytics.

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SAx Cloud

Subscriber Analytix in the cloud

  • Access full suite of SAx applications in our secure cloud.
  • Quick to set up, no infrastructure impact.

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SAx Components

Subscriber Analytix enrichment and modeling components

  • Integrate best-in-class methodologies into your data flows.
  • Understand user engagement, categorize traffic and devices.

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