SAx Location

Subscriber location analytics designed for Data monetization

Create new revenue streams providing your enterprise customers with unique subscribers’ insights

Indoor and outdoor metrics combined with Telco profiling for a single customer view

SAx Location analytix is a services offering that provides retailers, advertisers and others the opportunity to get a single customer view and reconcile offline and digital behaviors.

The SAx Location platform connects Telco and sensor data with enterprises’ operational applications such as CRM, DMP, website and others.


Develop new partnerships with a wide range of industries

SAx Location provides a single customer view that reconcile offline and online behaviors: Retailers can now measure Store Visit driven by the digital media spent, understand in-store patterns on a mobile device or digital usage patterns prior to the visit. SAx Location analytics helps Retailers increase store visits and performance through better profiling and advanced metrics on traffic, customer patterns and campaign conversion.

Knowing who visits the store is key to set up more personalized campaigns – target, message, moment, device – and boost campaign ROI.

Track traffic patterns

Understand customer profile even if no purchase

Monitor Time Spent in store

Generate online metrics in the offline world

Calculate campaign effectiveness

Get accurate location metrics down to a meter

We provide operators with new technologies that add proximity insights to their network macro location subscriber data giving them the capability to bridge digital, outdoor and in-store experiences.

Customers with mobile phones that come within range of SAx Location sensors can be identified, and their traffic patterns can be linked to Telco data to get a 360 customer profile:

  • Online behaviors and interests
  • Demographics
  • Home and Work locations
  • Movement analysis

Understand your subscribers. Monetize their experience.


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