Subscriber Analytix in the cloud

Access the full suite of SAx applications in our secure cloud

SAx CEM, SAx Marketing and SAx Care in the cloud

Benefit from our full suite of applications, insights and features – in the cloud:

  • SAx CEM, 360° view of your subscribers. Empowers marketing, care and network teams to create an end-to-end customer experience strategy.   Learn more
  • SAx Care, analytics to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines.   Learn more
  • SAx Marketing, analytics designed for marketing activities: segmentation optimization, targeted campaigns, portfolio management and data monetization.   Learn more
Subscriber analytics in the cloud SaaS
secure cloud environment

Secure, always accessible, and current

Our secure cloud environment is designed to manage complex data while maintaining data security and privacy. Regular audits verify adherence to privacy practices, applicable laws, and industry standards.

Advanced anonymization techniques and data rules ensure all personally identifiable information is removed from the data streams.

Integration of your data into our cloud is easy to set up, and provides the added advantage of always having access to the latest product features available.

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Customer experience management solution that empowers marketing, care and network teams

  • Understand your subscribers, monetize their experience, optimize QoS
  • Actionable reports directly accessible through a web browser

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SAx Marketing

Analytics designed for marketing activities

  • Enrich segmentations with subscribers’ behavioral patterns
  • Lift campaign effectiveness with advanced profiles
  • Optimize product and offer launches
  • Monetize data through new revenue streams

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SAx Care

Analytics to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines

  • Instant subscriber QoS and usage insights
  • Specifically designed for care agents

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