SAx Care: Instant subscriber QoS and usage insights designed for care agents

Go beyond customer services, improve satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines

Reduce support handle times though real-time insights on customers concerns and preferences & grow satisfaction

SAx Care calculates subscriber QoS across data, voice, SMS, devices and combines it with subscriber behaviors, enabling care representatives to quickly and effectively diagnose issues.

Call-to-action recommendations provide care agents with specific steps needed to address issues – leading to reduced costs, lower churn, and an improved subscriber experience.

Subscriber analytics screenshot
reducing customer churn

Strengthen loyalty & retention, identify and target high-risk and high-value subscribers

Leverage subscribers’ profile information, QoS metrics and churn prediction to prioritize customer base management activities.

Focus on high-value and high-risk subscribers, anticipate their potential concerns, understand their needs and preferences, customize your propositions, optimize timing and communication channel.

Prevent bill-shock. Ensure a seamless and personalized global experience that boosts loyalty.

Improve operations efficiency & reduce costs, align network investments with usage and subscriber value

SAx Care provides network teams a subscriber level view of network performance, helping them to prioritize optimization efforts and focus on most impactful locations.

Correlate subscriber experience with network events to help diagnose subscriber level issues.

user analytics screenshot
customer self issue resolution

Power self-care using SAx insights

Leverage our service quality, usage, and engagement metrics to supplement self-care solutions.

Provide relevant, subscriber-level insights directly to the subscriber to appropriately guide, facilitate issue resolution, and offer suggestions based on your knowledge and understanding of the customer.

Exceed customer expectations and boost loyalty.

Understand your subscribers

Monetize their experience. Boost their satisfaction


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