Simplicity in big data complexity

Our products and services provide actionable insights and analysis to drive customer satisfaction and business development to new heights.

We model our insights to answer your business questions and produce outputs that are immediately accessible, understandable and actionable to any stakeholder in your organization.


Customer experience management solution that empowers marketing, care and network teams

  • Understand your subscribers, monetize their experience, optimize QoS
  • Actionable reports directly accessible through a web browser

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SAx Marketing

Analytics designed for marketing activities

  • Enrich segmentations with subscribers’ behavioral patterns
  • Lift campaign effectiveness with advanced profiles
  • Optimize product and offer launches
  • Monetize data through new revenue streams

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SAx Care

Analytics to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce resolution timelines

  • Instant subscriber QoS and usage insights
  • Specifically designed for care agents

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SAx Location

Precise location insights that boost your data monetization

  • Benefit of micro location data to enrich your subscribers’ profiles
  • Develop new partnerships with your enterprise data clients

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More Inovvo products

SAx Lite

Subscriber Analytix at a glance

  • Subscription-based reports offering subscriber analytics essentials
  • Cost effective introduction to analytics

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SAx Cloud

Subscriber Analytix in the cloud

  • Access full suite of SAx applications in our secure cloud
  • Quick to set up, no infrastructure impact

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SAx Components

Subscriber Analytix enrichment and modeling components

  • Integrate best-in-class methodologies into your data flows
  • Understand user engagement, categorize traffic and devices

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Understand your subscribers

Monetize their experience. Boost their satisfaction