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Inovvo Launches Subscriber Analytix Components for Wireless Network Operators


Inovvo Launches Subscriber Analytix Components for Wireless Network Operators.
Components provide data enrichment and immediate ROI for customer care and marketing initiatives.

Reston, VA. – Nov. 29, 2016 – Inovvo, a leader in wireless network analytics for the telecommunications sector, today announced the availability of Subscriber Analytix (SAx) Components. SAx Components provide data enrichment that provides network operators with a better understanding of subscriber behavior and experience to enhance operator services and identify new opportunities for data monetization. The components are designed for operators that have their own analytics infrastructure and are looking to enrich network and traffic data streams with indicators and intelligence that feed campaign management platforms, next-best-action platforms, CRM systems, data management platforms, customer care portals, self-service portals, and other data monetization systems and use cases.

Inovvo’s Subscriber Analytix platform is used by some of the largest wireless network operators around the world. Customer care teams use it to provide insight and reduce the time to resolution within call centers, and marketing executives can grow revenue by using the data to target subscriber segments with new offers.

Inovvo’s SAx Components offers a lite, modular configuration of the platform that can easily integrate with an operator’s existing big data infrastructure to provide advanced data processing and reporting capabilities for better subscriber profiling, micro-segmentation, device analysis, data monetization, and improved quality of service. All components are Java-based, and can be integrated into any existing data processing workflows including Hadoop.

Inovvo offers five SAx Components to help operators categorize traffic and devices, understand user engagement, understand a user’s quality of service, and identify defective devices.

  • The Media Categorization Component analyzes mobile user traffic and categorizes it by class, such as news, sports, gaming, etc., which provides operators with a more robust understanding of subscriber behavior.
  • The Device Categorization Component searches for device identifiers and provides rich details about the more than 70 attributes associated with those devices such as 4G-readiness, and video and camera capabilities. This enables operators to market services to subscribers that have a compatible phone.
  • The Engagement Component provides detailed web analytics for an operator’s subscriber base such as time spent on a site or visits to a site, web traffic comparisons, and subscriber engagement. This information provides operators with an analysis of customer interest by segment, and can be used to determine marketing offers such as free or discounted streaming from certain sites.
  • The Quality of Service Component provides a scoring mechanism for a subscriber’s experience using voice, data, or SMS services. This provides operators with visibility into a subscriber’s experience using network services and enables them to proactively manage subscribers that are having a poor experience.
  • The Defective Device Detection Component provides a network-based mechanism, rather than software or device-side apps, for identifying devices that potentially have faulty radio transmission equipment. This information helps reduce NTF (no trouble found) rates on device returns, and provides operators with intelligence to proactively correct issues that could result in subscriber churn due to poor device performance.

“Wireless operators need to have detailed and insightful data that will allow them to understand their subscribers’ pain points and their demand for additional services,” said Joseph Khalil, President and CEO of Inovvo. “With our components offering, we are providing operators with the tools needed to generate actionable intelligence in real-time within their internal big data analytics ecosystem to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.”

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Inovvo, a leader in wireless network analytics, answers the challenges that operators face today in marketing, customer care and network planning.  Inovvo improves operator interactions with their subscribers and enhances customer experience by providing on an individual basis detailed analytics and deep insights into behaviors, interests, usage, and network performance. Empowered with the information, Inovvo gives its clients the means to create a personalized subscriber experience resulting in minimized churn, improved ARPU margin and increased loyalty.

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