Case studies


Streaming channel promotion

Challenge: An operator was launching a mobile streaming channel dedicated to basketball and wanted to promote the channel through a cross-sell campaign targeting basketball fans.

Solution: Operator used SAx’s Segment Builder to define a subscriber segment based on users that visited basketball club web pages, basketball league and federation sites, fan websites, and used popular sports news websites and apps.

Through this targeted cross-sell campaign, operator achieved a 5x adoption rate of the service.
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Driving branded service offerings over typical OTT providers

Challenge: An operator wanted to promote their internally-branded service offerings, as well as promote their 3rd party partner services, in the highly-competitive space of cloud storage, streaming music, instant messaging, and streaming video.

Solution: Operator used SAx’s behavioral profiling capabilities to target subscribers that used competing OTT services, and included engagement life cycle metrics to identify subscribers that were new to a competing OTT service that would be more likely to switch before becoming too tightly coupled with the service.

Using this behavioral profiling and engagement life cycle approach, operator was able to significantly improve the adoption rate of their branded service offerings.
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Micro-segmentation based on digital lifestyles

Challenge: An operator recognized that traditional segmentation methods were too broad to maximize marketing opportunities. Existing segmentation methods created segments where needs varied significantly within segments and created an incomplete view of the customer. This resulted in segments too large for precise targeting. The operator understood that with data usage increasing, digital lifestyles were becoming a much more important part of the customer picture. They wanted to incorporate this into their segmentation methodologies to better align cross-sell and up-sell propositions.

Solution: The operator used SAx to build micro-segments based on digital lifestyle characteristics across their subscriber base.

The result was an average of 3x improvement on cross-sell promotion adoption, and a $12M YoY benefit.
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Device switchers analysis

Challenge: An operator wanted to optimize their device portfolio & offer bundles. They also wanted to focus on users that had switched devices and how those device changes changed usage and behavior.

Solution: The operator used SAx to run an analysis of iPhone versus Android users to understand device lifecycle – how often individuals upgrade their Apple device versus their Android device. They were also looking for usage Impacts – when an individual upgrades from device X to device Y – and how usage patterns change.

Using the insights provided by our analysis tools, the operator was able to modify their device & offer bundles to better align with anticipated subscriber behaviors.
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Promoting specific country data packs for roamers

Challenge: An operator wanted to promote specific country data roaming packs to frequent roamers, but recognized that usage patterns while roaming were sometimes drastically different than those seen domestically. The operator wanted to tailor the offer based on an individual’s roaming usage.

Solution: The operator used SAx’s roaming analysis capabilities to identify subscribers that roamed frequently in particular countries, and offered country-specific packs that aligned with the historical consumption levels seen.

The operator achieved a 4x improvement in their campaign success rate.
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Leveraging network analytics to increase first-call resolution

Challenge: An operator wanted to optimize AHT for calls to Customer Services. The goal was to leverage network analytics to help agents have a more relevant and informed conversation with customers, to reduce average handle time and increase first call resolutions. The care agents currently had no access to the data needed to assess and address network-related complaints, thus resulting in extended handle times and high trouble-ticket proliferation.

Solution: The operator deployed SAx, which correlated network events with subscriber usage and behavior, giving care agents a 360º view of the subscriber. SAx allowed agents to resolve customer complaints quicker, and reduce trouble-ticket creation.

Using SAx the operator was able to reduce AHT by 60%, lower churn by tens of thousands, and save an estimated $43M annually.
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Post-campaign analysis of a 4G offer

Challenge: An operator wanted to tailor customer offerings for their new 4G network, and wanted to understand how user behavior changed when given access to faster communications. The operator provided certain individuals free 4G access for one month, and wanted to understand how their behaviors changed pre, during, and post-offer.

Solution: Using the SAx Segmentation Builder to import a list of subscribers given the offer, the operator used the SAx system to analyze usage and behaviors for that segment before, during, and after the 4G promotional offer.

The insights gained allowed the operator to tailor their 4G offerings to better align with the anticipated usages and behaviors of their customer base.
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Improve loyalty rewards campaign success rate through behavioral profiling

Challenge: An operator had 3 gifts to offer as part of a loyalty rewards campaign and wanted to offer those gifts to the most appropriate subscriber profiles, to ensure a good adoption rate. The first gift was a fruit and vegetable basket, and required that identification of individuals working in a particular geographic area convenient for them to collect their gift basket. The second gift was a solidarity proposition, and required identifying individuals that had altruistic profiles. The third gift was a cinema ticket offering, and required identifying individuals interested in entertainment.

Solution: The operator used SAx’s profiling capabilities to identify subscribers that met the required profile criteria for each gift.

Tailoring the campaign to individuals with appropriate profiles yielded campaign adoption rates for each gift ranging from 5x to 7x.
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