Business-driven analytics

Relevant insights to optimize the customer journey

Understand your customers’ preferences and perceptions. Make informed business decisions to empower all your touchpoints and strengthen your customer base management strategy.

  • Better engage for natural conversion, lifting your marketing campaign effectiveness while bringing value to your customers.
  • Offer a personalized experience that boosts loyalty and advocacy.
  • Go beyond Customer Services, improve satisfaction and reduce resolution timeline.

Subscriber analytics at the heart of your business workflows

seamless analytics integration

Fuel the right analytics within your customer base management, revenue management and network investment workflows to enhance efficiency, improve prioritization and find new revenue and cost-saving opportunities.

Subscriber Analytix seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem: DMP, Marketing Clouds, Customer Care portals, Campaign Management tools and others.

easy to use data analytics

Powerful big data analytics made simple

At Inovvo, it matters to us to provide simplicity in complexity.

That’s why we designed reports and insights that address your main use cases, and continuously enrich these views by carefully listening to your needs. We model our insights to answer your business questions and produce outputs that are immediately accessible, understandable and actionable to any stakeholder in your organization.

And if you do not find the answer that you need, our Dashboard Builder visualization feature allows you to derive your own custom insights in minutes, giving everyone the power to be a data expert.


Our solutions have been designed to help you understand your subscribers, monetize their experience and boost their satisfaction.